Welcome to the megacoffee.net Gentoo overlay!

At this unofficial place, we publish some ebuilds that may (or may not) be interesting to other Gentoo users. What we serve here are

All these ebuilds should be considered experimental. As we collect them from other sources (in accordance to the licenses), you are of course free to copy ours as well.

How to connect your Gentoo installation

The easiest way is to use layman to connect with us.

First, get mercurial and layman if you haven't done so already:

echo app-portage/layman mercurial >>/etc/portage/package.use
emerge layman # and follow instructions for /etc/make.conf

We are now on the official layman repository list, so all you need to do is:

  1. Run layman -f once to update the repository list.
  2. Add our overlay megacoffee to your local installation by running layman -a megacoffee - you should see an output similar to this:
    # layman -a megacoffee
    * Running... # /usr/bin/hg clone http://rhodecode.megacoffee.net/gentoo-overlay/main/ /var/lib/layman/megacoffee
    requesting all changes
    adding changesets
    adding manifests
    adding file changes
    added 12 changesets with 30 changes to 22 files
    updating to branch default
    20 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
    * Successfully added overlay "megacoffee".
  3. From now on, run layman -S whenever you want to check for updates.

If you're a long-time user of our repository, you may still have added http://gentoo-overlay.megacoffee.net/repositories.xml to your /etc/layman/layman.cfg. You can safely remove that entry now that we're on the default list.

Ebuild list

At this place we keep you informed about what ebuilds are available and why we added them, and what you should know about them if there's something special (such as "recovered" files from official Gentoo portage tree).

Prime ebuilds

Category/Name Maintainer Version(s) Comment
app-backup/backup2l dneuge 1.5, 1.4 backup2l is a simple and easy to setup backup script
This is a slightly modified version of the ebuild posted to official Bugzilla by user "Will" in 2007. (Bug #167249)
dev-python/epc dneuge 0.0.5 EPC, RPC stack for Emacs Lisp
Used for bidirectional integration between Python and Emacs.
Required to integrate dev-python/jedi (available from main portage tree) with Emacs using Jedi.el.
dev-python/sexpdata dneuge 0.0.3 S-expression parser for Python
Dependency of dev-python/epc.
dev-vcs/kallithea dneuge 0.3.5, 0.3.2[M] Kallithea (GPLv3 fork of RhodeCode)
a web-based frontend and middleware to Mercurial and Git repositories

Note that due to a large number of fixed-version dependencies this ebuild isolates Python packages by installing into a virtualenv environment. That isolation prevents bug and security fixes from central package management (Portage) to be applied to Kallithea! To update Kallithea's dependencies you have to re-emerge the ebuild manually and verify that all isolated packages are at a secure version.
media-gfx/trimage dneuge 1.0.5 Trimage, a GUI for PNG and JPEG optimization via optipng, pngcrush, advpng and jpegoptim
media-libs/blackmagic-desktop-video dneuge 10.9, 10.8.4, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.8, 10.6.6, 9.8 Desktop Video - drivers and tools for products by Blackmagic Design including DeckLink and Intensity
Required to run any software for those products. Kernel module is being called blackmagic. Some QA Notices show during emerge, please ignore.
To install Media Express as well, emerge media-video/blackmagic-media-express.
media-libs/blackmagic-desktop-video-sdk dneuge 10.9, 10.8.3, 10.8, 10.7 Desktop Video SDK - headers, examples and documentation necessary to develop/compile custom applications for products by Blackmagic Design (also known as DeckLink SDK)
Only needed if you want to build custom tools for Blackmagic hardware. Not required to run programs which have already been compiled with support for the Blackmagic DeckLink API.
media-libs/xine-lib dneuge 1.1.20[M] Legacy xine-lib version restored from official portage tree to be able to compile e.g. media-plugins/vdr-xineliboutput
Warning: Avoid if not necessary, therefore fully masked.
media-plugins/gimp-dds dneuge 3.0.1 GIMP DDS Plugin for editing Direct Draw Surface files.
media-tv/mediabrowser-server gsnerf 3.0.5390, 9999 (dev version) DLNA capable open source media server which can transcode on demand. Supports audio, video and more. There is also a wide variety of client applications (free and non free) for different devices. For more information have a look at http://mediabrowser.tv and try it out!
media-tv/plex-media-server gsnerf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This is the media server part of the plex media center system (http://www.plexapp.com) originally build for OS X but over time ported to Windows and linux. The server currently supports the Plex Media Center as well as several apps for mobile phones and tablets. There are also plugins for other media centers like XBMC (PleXBMC). Since there is preliminary support for DLNA which supports some devices such as the xbox and ps3 directly and can be configured to support multiple other devices.
media-video/blackmagic-media-express dneuge 3.5.3, 3.5.2 Media Express - Blackmagic Design's tool for media capture, organization and playback
(to be used with their products, such as DeckLink and Intensity)
media-video/lightworks dneuge 11.5 Lightworks is a feature-rich non-linear video editor (NLE). Note that you will need to register a free account on their website and some functions are restricted to paying accounts.
Since this is a commercial, proprietary product with account restrictions, you will see QA notices during merge. Please ignore them as it's unlikely they could be fixed without breaking anything. Current ebuild installs to /usr despite the fact it's all binary (may be moved to /opt later if possible).
media-video/qt-faststart-python dneuge 1.8.0, 1.6 Python implementation of qt-faststart from https://github.com/danielgtaylor/qtfaststart
Note: The original (?) implementation already comes with FFmpeg, this one is a Python-only rewrite and will be called qtfaststart and qtfaststart-2.7; qt-faststart (with a dash) is the version that comes with FFmpeg.
Note 2: Version 20111101 was in fact 1.6 and has now been renamed accordingly since it would have blocked updates to 1.8.0.
net-analyzer/nrpe dneuge 2.15 Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
Note: This is based on the nrpe-2.14 ebuild from official portage tree. The quite large "multiline" patch applied automagically without changes but caution should be advised until further tested.
net-misc/asterisk-softmodem dneuge 20160525 A V.21/V.22/V.23 modem for Asterisk. This is mainly useful if you intend to emulate a Bildschirmtext dial-up connection (BTX, old German data service). However, the module may have other uses as well as it is configurable to provide any service running over the implemented protocols.
Some shortcomings: Keep in mind that VoIP is usually using lossy encoding optimized for speech. If you're using SIP make sure your VoIP clients use lossless or at least "data-friendly" codecs (such as G.711/PCM ulaw/alaw or G.726) and make sure your VoIP connection is safe from packet loss. Also (at least for V.23) connecting modems may require special AT commands to detect the protocol's carrier, such as AT+MS=3,0,300,1200 - you may want to RTFM on the AT commands and protocols supported by your specific modem. ;)

Dependency ebuilds

A quick word on what "Condition" means: As these ebuilds are merely dependencies for getting the above ebuilds to run/install, they may not have been tested enough for other uses and are usually of a more sloppy quality that would need improvement to be ready for general use. These are marked with "poor", whereas "okay" indicates unverified but expected-to-be-okay behaviour (e.g. modified ebuilds from other sources).

None available at this time.

Removed ebuilds

Category/Name When Removed by What / Reason
dev-vcs/rhodecode 28 Feb 2015 dneuge RhodeCode, a web frontend for managing Mercurial and Git repositories

There were a number of issues with this ebuild:

  • original developer turned RhodeCode into a closed-source commercial product in 2013, thus we decided to abandon our ebuild
  • the ebuild became highly outdated (version 1.3.6)
  • finally a FOSS fork arrived (Kallithea) but we didn't manage to provide a tested ebuild for it in time (still planned though) and migration would have required manual steps anyway
    Update: As of April 2016 we now have an ebuild ready, see dev-vcs/kallithea.
  • thus masked since 12 July 2014, explaining the situation
  • Kallithea found an information disclosure vulnerability in the API which is also present in RhodeCode (CVE-2015-0260)

As we advised against using our ebuild since July 2014, we decided to simply remove this ebuild. Please uninstall it if you didn't already or at least follow Kallithea's security notice to patch your installation!

There were a number of dependency ebuilds we provided to get RhodeCode 1.3.6 up & running (at least when we initially wrote the ebuild). Those have been removed as well and should not have been installed unless you installed our RhodeCode ebuild:

  • dev-python/celery-2.2.10
  • dev-python/kombu-1.5.1
  • dev-python/py-bcrypt-0.2
  • dev-python/webob-1.0.8
kde-misc/py-cashew 24 Apr 2016 dneuge Plasmoid for KDE 4.6+ to remove the so-called Cashew (desktop configuration icon) - replacement for abandoned plasmoid "I HATE the cashew". (see kde-look.org)

Changes in KDE broke this plasmoid beyond repair and it was thus abandoned in December 2013. "I HATE the cashew" popped up again and has been reported as working.

Accessing the overlay directly

We use Mercurial for our repository. You can find a directory of our repositories at: http://rhodecode.megacoffee.net/gentoo-overlay

When syncing with layman and the overlay megacoffee you are accessing our main repository which is located at: http://rhodecode.megacoffee.net/gentoo-overlay/main

Who we are

We are Daniel Neugebauer (dneuge) and Michalis Adamidis (gsnerf), two software (former web) developers and long-time Gentoo users who came, saw and stayed with their favorite Linux distribution since Gentoo 1.4 RC3 (sometime back in 2003). Shortly after we rented a root server (and after a much too black coffee at work), we discovered that megacoffee.net was an available domain and registered it as kind of a placeholder domain for services that we both needed to host but did not want to duplicate on our personal domains, energiequant.de and gsnerf.de.

How to contact us

If you want to contact any/both of us, simply send an email to gentoo-overlay@megacoffee.net.

Legal information

As already said in the introduction, this is an unofficial Gentoo community site.

The name "Gentoo" is a trademark of Gentoo Foundation, Inc. and is used in compliance with the Name and Logo Usage Guidelines.

Privacy Policy

Since this website is run by the same admin on the same server, the privacy policy of energiequant.de applies (only available in German).